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  1. I would be very wary of this volunteer. My administrator would never let someone in here with this background. Our population is so vulnerable and I cerainly wouldn't have her do anything like a cart where she is unsupervised. Knowing how things go here, the only thing I would have her do is games with the residents or calling bingo....if she is able to do these. The thing about volunteers is that they have to fit, too. If it causes you too much angst and you are always looking over yourshoulder then don't "hire" her. A volunteer is treated by the state the same way as a worker. We have
  2. Hello, I have lots of puzzles and needlepoint canvases/cruel, too but in our AL there really isn't anyone who has good enough eyesight or fine motor co0ordination to do them. So I am looking for craft ideas that will utilize these "leftovers".
  3. Hello, I have just passed my 1 year anniversary and I can't tell where the time went!! It has been a great job for me. I am at a small Assisted Living Residence in Rockland County, NY and I tell people that this has been my best job ever. I have people here who tell me how much they love me and respect me every week!! No other job have I ever had that... let alone my private life!! I find this job a good mix of all my background and best of all the days fly by. Currently I am searching for some resources to keep us challenging our gang of word lovers. Our group is especially good at ma
  4. On Tuesday, September 12, 2006 there is an organizational meeting for the formation of the RCAAP. All interested in joining this organization should call Denise Rieser at 845 620-0606 ext. 116. It is my hope to get an active organization going in our area for support and fun!! Come and join us!
  5. Hi, I go by Activities Director. Just a word of caution. The "Recreation Therapist" is a separate entity with different training behind it and this should not be used as a catch -all if you don't actually have that degree/certification! The word "Therapist" means a different thing than an aide or a director and though there are similarities in the jobs, a person trained as an 'Activities therapist' will usually have different goal priorities than an 'Activities Coordianator'/Director/Aide. Mostly, Activities Co-ordinator/director or Specialist is someone who provides programing but a 'Th
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