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  1. Hi Paula- Every Monday we rotate several videos I have come across. One is Jodi Stoloves chair dancing. We use Chair Dancing around the world. Very fun, quite vigorous, and have to remind them to do their own pace. I also have 2 Betty Switzer videos...Chair Dancing, and Gentle Fitness. They have seniors doing the exercises along with her and are fun too. I found a Chair Tai Chi video that we use, from California. Very well done, and effective. You could find these online, as I did. We have a couple of cassettes as well, sittercize...don't care for the music but the movements are good, and light and lively....kind of cowboy kind of feel to it. They really like that one. My folks are in the same age bracket as yours and do quite well. Wed. we do general exercise to 40's music and Fri. is fun and fitness, sometimes using scarves, foam balls,or bean bag toss, etc It helps to keep it varied, for you and for them. Good luck to you.
  2. With these folks, as long as they don't pay to play, it's just good clean fun. But there are some who don't come who definately beleive it is gambling, no matter what. I feel for you guys who have Bingo 3 or 4 times a week. Do you have volunteer groups who come in to help. I don't...and get so tired of being perky sometimes.
  3. We are walking advertisements for the good we do. I have 3 daughters and 2 of them, just by hearing my enthusiasm are considering changing careers. What an exciting opportunity to encourage compassionate people, who have no interest in the business world, to find another road. My girls are now volunteering in hospitals and getting a taste of what it would be like, and loving every minute. Good for you for being involved......I may just do the same thing at our career fair. Just hadn't thought of it. Good luck.
  4. My kids put on a surprise 50th birthday party for me at work. It was my day off, but my daughter was booked to play Christmas carols on the flute(Dec. 24) I didn't think anything of it, since I had made the plans with her. My hubby had bought me an amazing suit for my 5oth, and I didn't know why they were so set on me wearing it to a casual carol sing. Anyway, I wore it, and everyone was there....even the dour couple who keep to themselves, and she will only speak if HE says it ok. She motioned me over to speak to her.....and whispered in my ear...."you look delicious". All of a sudden I could see who she used to be, when she had a voice, and a mind, and a will of her own, before a husband told her when she needed to use the bathroom. If my hug could only convey what her words meant to me. I wish I could bring that out in her again. If only he would let her come to some things alone. I will never forget it....
  5. We all have our Bingo stories. This may be a first! Today was a Valentine's Bingo. I wore the appropriate headgear...a headband with antennae hearts. Prizes were heart shaped box of chocolates, sweet teddy bears with hearts, heart note pad and pen, heart coffee mug etc. For a change I found a heart scratch ticket, that went with the theme. Two people turned it down. THAT is gambling!!!.....Yikes, I know these folks well...conservative farming type, yet there are a couple out of the 24 who come, who wouldn't have minded. I picked the wrong person. I guess I learned to meet them where they are. FYI she won $10, on a $2 ticket, but gave it to her neighbour. I won't do that again.
  6. May I suggest Scattergories. My family played it over Christmas, and loved it. Tried it with my residents. Make up teams with at least one who can write things down and brainstorm with the others. For example...vegetables that start with P. You try and find the least common vegetable to score a point. If all 4 teams said potatoes, nobody scores. But if one team said parsnips....they got the point. A good team building game. They asked to play again next month. Lots of laughter, lots of fun.
  7. oldsbag

    What to wear

    Our RA's wear scrubs, and are easily identifiable. We aren't able to wear denim, and must dress in professional attire....dress slacks, sweaters or blazers and for special events, dresses or skirts. I go for a tailored, but comfortable look. Good question.... Carol
  8. What bus??? I wish we had one. I am in an AL/condo facility. For appointments and such they use a town senior bus or family. For any outings, like the out to lunch bunch, country drives, museum visits I can only take 3 or 4 in my own car. I would love to take them on drives to see the Christmas lights etc. but would be there 7 nights a week, to make sure they all saw them. The company pays the extra fees to the insurance company for having me drive them, even around town. The Legion and Seniors Centre do provide bus trips to the city for dinner theatres, and special events for those that are able to go, but my everyday folks aren't able to get OUT very often. I keep hoping that family will step up, to take their folks out for a drive, but.......not very often.
  9. Hello everyone- Today It was a "Time for Thanksgiving" Tea, here in Canada. Among music, refreshments and stuff, I asked each table what they were thankful for, if they were comfortable saying. Lot's of them said..for you!....Some things are priceless. I was a sahm mom till I was 45, and am now working in a place I was meant to be. How good is that?? Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians out there.
  10. Hi Stacio- Thanks for your response. I'm sure you have a core group that comes to everything...and the ones who don't and talk about those who get chosen to do things., despite being asked. Or maybe you don't :-? I have a hard time figuring out how to please the ones who wistfully remain in their rooms wishing they could have some fun, yet say no when I ask them. They have to wash their hair, nap, or wait for company{who doesn't seem to come that day} Thankfully I only have maybe 2 that are that way, but they weigh on my mind, and I keep turning the other cheek, so to speak. They would not wish to be a Red Hatter, but would wish they were. I guess that is what I was trying to get across. You know what I mean??
  11. Hi Karen- We also use a video from California I think, called Chair Tai Chi. It is very calming and has some beneficial effects for those residents on oxygen. The fellow is very pleasant and easy to watch and listen to. We exercise 3x a week, with one being a video and the other two with routines I have worked out. Today we did the Turkey in the Straw routine from Activity Connection. It's our Thanksgiving in Canada coming up so was appropriate for us. We have used scarves, moving to soft ballet type music, also mimicing household/farm type chores to ragtime. I find it a challenge, not only to keep them enthused, but me as well from doing the same old thing. Just so you know, I don't just put the video on, I am front row and centre.lol.They are such good sports, and will try anything once. I have posted on other sites about stick ball....our favorite. You take the tubes from a golf bag, and use them to hit a firm rubber beach ball. The group is in a circle with lots of room in between. For those who can't hit with the stick, they use their feet. Great hand/eye coordination, and stretching exercise. The groups grew so much that I had to split them to 2 back to back groups. I tell my daughters, I work out 6 times a week, only I'm sitting the whole time....they just laugh. Oh well.....
  12. Hello all- I am always looking for good exercise videos. I did order the light and lively cassette that you recommended, and look forward to trying it. The new video we got is called Chair Dancing Around the World with J. Stolove. It is so much fun. From Polkas to the Mexican Hat Dance, to ballet.....For some of the dances they use paper plates as props for clapping together. It's 58 mins long, so we just do 4 or 5 at a time. I am actually considering having the PCA's doing it at their next staff meeting. It is a stress reliever, just by the laughter alone. My residents who range from 68-98 can follow along pretty well, and as I always tell them, they get A for effort, as long as they're moving. Being from Canada, I wish I didn't have to spend so much on duty and exchange etc, but this was well worth it. Has anyone else used this video?
  13. I think this sounds like a great idea. My little town has two chapters and we have had them in for tea, as guests, but never thought to start our own group. My question is would the less involved residents feel like you were favoring the more vibrant group? I have both condo residents and assisted living in the same building. I have to watch that I plan activities suited to both. What do you think??
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