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    Hi! I keep my Volunteer sign in book right out in the front lobby. All the Volunteers are instructed to sign in to the building upon arrival- and sign out when they leave. That way if someone calls for them or if there is an emergency- we can always go to the book and see if they are in the building. I keep a file on each Volunteer....usually an interest survey....what they would like to do for us....when they would be available, etc. Also keep their TB shot records, and an emergency contact sheet in there too! Hope this helps?!
  2. Hey Karen, I work for a skilled nursing facility- 200 beds.....40 of them are for subacute patients- the rest are for long term care. I really think we are going "over the top" as far as all the "individual" things we are charting on- it just takes us forever- and if we run out of time- and miss a group or two....UH-OH....Cuz then we're even more behind the next day! Does everybody chart every single little thing- they do for every single resident/patient???????????? Or is it just us wackos up here in New York????? :-D
  3. Hey guys! My name is Karen, and I have worked in an activities department for 17 years, but just recently took over as the Director. Our problem lies with charting for the residents.....its killing us! I know there are different ideas/suggestions and ways to do this- but my question is this.... Does anybody know the certain rules and regulations- specifically for this??? I am concerned my department is doing way more than we have to....We chart EVERYTHING- from group activities they participated in, to every "little" thing we do for them throughout the course of the day. If we see them for a visit- we chart it- but we also chart errands, family contacts, walks, radio, comfort measures....all those individual things.....IS THAT NECESSARY??? Do you all chart that much for every patient....or are we going above and beyond?? Just wondering what is required of us exactely??? HELP!!??
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