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  1. Hi All, Due to the current Outbreak, I have been trying to decide on a fun and engaging activity to perform coming up in the next few days or so. I would like to get some opinions and see what I can add onto my program to make it more engaging for my residents who are being affected by this quarantine. My program will consist of arts and crafts but I would like to incorporate some social aspects so they are not doing the craft alone in their room. My residents definitely miss being social with one another. An example craft is a tie dye flower and fence post which holds their flower using colored markers and water. Any ideas on how to improve my craft and incorporate socialization into it? Thanks in advance, Tiffany
  2. In Room programs and definitely on a higher demand now due to the outbreak. I really like your idea of the ice cream Sunday social. We have a similar program where we basically have an activities cart where we go room to room and ask what the residents want to do for their activity in the morning. We then come around later with a portable ice cream cooler where we give the residents ice cream.
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