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  1. I handed out 1 and 2 pound dumb bells and got with a physical therapist to get some upper body exercises and walked room to room and asked residents who would like them to help keep toned , a lot of them wanted them , more then i thought. i also went around and did beauty shop day curled hair did nails. one of my residents said it boosted her morals 75%. yes i sanitized everything in between uses. but their use to going to hair salon. I try to keep thing normal.
  2. I also did something like this for my residents. I filled a cart with snacks. popcorn, chips, cookies, rice crispies treat etc.and walked from room to room playing the ice cream man song on a speaker. i work at a assisted living and this is now during lock down. They loved it, so maybe i would really be the ice cream truck next time. love it. Thank you.
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