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  1. we are preparing for Christmas as well we just finished a poster board with every residents name on it we then display it and have sign up for a resident as a secret santa so that everyone gets a present for Christmas. I haven't taken the test yet will do that today nervous about it
  2. I'm planning a memorial for my residents who have passed away from 2018 to present. Hospice is helping me with coordinating how we want to go about it. We have lost a many residents which has been hard for the other residents and staff. I am hoping the memorial will bring back good memories and we can share our experiences with the ones we were close with.
  3. How do we access the and chat room. there's so many different ways to communicate on this website its confusing. Chiquita have you discussed special events with any other classmates yet?
  4. Hey, My name is Brittany Nash and I am new to this message board! I have no clue how all this works and I'm learning as I go. One of the assignments for the final practicum is to interact with activity professionals so here I am. I work in a SNF in Lowell, MA and I am currently in MEPAP1 course which is coming to an end. Would love to discuss special events with you all! One event I am currently working on is a memorial service for all the lost loved ones that our facility has faced.
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