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  1. Ok, it's 8:19 and I've gotta go.....................
  2. Hello ! It's 8:00..... is anyone here?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm working on getting the amount of CEU's needed for certification. It appears that a class on MDS and care plans is mandatory however I can't find any courses available. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but does anyone know who offers this CEU? Thanks!
  4. it's 7:18 pm est so I'm gonna go. hopefully we can get together tomorrow evening.
  5. I'll just leave this and whoever wants to post at a later time can add to it and also with their own special event. My facility is having a BOO fest in October and we have ideas for booths but we need some more. It is an event where the residents and their grandchildren can come. We are having a guessing booth where you can guess the amount of candy in a jar and guess the weight of a pumpkin. We are having a goldfish booth where we will have some goldfish in rose bowls and they have to throw a ping pong ball into the bowl to win. A cute tattoo booth A spider web laundry basket where they have to pull spiders out from the bottom without touching the yarn using tongs A big mouth pumpkin putt putt golf Bowling with a pumpkin to knock down toilet paper ghosts. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is everyone going to sign up for MEPAP 2 next month?
  6. Hi everyone! I submitted this topic for our class to discuss some ideas for activities and events!
  7. Hi Michael, we are in the same MEPAP class! We are almost through one and then on to two!
  8. Hi Katy, my name is jeanine and I am an activity assistant, currently working on becoming a director. I work in an independent facility so our census isn't very fluctuating. I do know one activity that all the ladies love (whether they are coming or going) and that is getting manicures.
  9. Hi Jessica! That sounds like fun and really original! My favorite game to play is Family Feud. I divide the residents into 2 teams and they have to answer the top 5 answers or the other team gets to steal the point (played very similar to the game show on TV). It's a blast and some of the answers that the residents come up with are so cute!
  10. Sorry to hear that Catein. It sounds like you really don't have a budget. I'm don't know the answer to this but you're right, it is the residents who will suffer.
  11. Hi everyone, My name is Jeanine and I am currently taking the MEPAP1. Just wanted to introduce myself!
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