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  1. My name is Corrie and I am from Washington state. I am hoping to take my MEPAP 1 test here soon and have my certificate in hand not long after!
  2. I live in Washington state and I was told to have 3 physical, 3 cognitive, 3 sensory, 3 social, and 2 spiritual a week 1 men's group, 1 shopping trip outing, 1 fun outing per month The weekly activities were listed on a pie chart that was handed down to me from my predecessor who said it was the state requirement form she was told to follow that would guarantee she had all areas covered. I have been doing this job for just over a year and the state seemed fine with my calendars last year when they came to check on us. They should be along again anytime so we will see how that goes this year. Knock on wood!!
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