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  1. ​I work in Kansas and the only one I have is for Assisted Living which came from corporate. I'm not even sure what it is called to be honest with you so I can look it up. Thanks for what you sent, I really appreciate it and gives me something to start with.
  2. ​Gosh, I hope and pray someone knows what I am talking about. Years ago there was a formula for Skilled Nursing Activity requirements. So many days a week or month that Sensory, Spirituals, Cognitive, Leisure, etc. Programs had to be met for the calendar. I have one for Assisted Living but can not find one for Skilled Nursing any where on the net. If anyone has that or knows where I can find it, please post here or email me ad kshutchison2013@gmail.com I'm not sure they call it a formula but what I can remember is that it was great to have so that you could make sure you were within state requirements. Thanks, Karen
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