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  1. Hi, i have never posted but read the posts from time to time. I am feeling very unappreciated at my facility after reading what everyone else makes. I work in Assisted Living and have been there for 6 yrs. I started in nursing homes however. I only make 14.00 an hour, and have been thinking about moving on. We have 60 residents and i am the only act. staff. As the activity and volunteer coordinator i do it all. Thank God for volunteers, but what i am saying is that my company only has me to do anything and everything in the act. dept. I wouldn't complain, but last year i got a 35 cent raise. I don't ever get to go to any continuing ed, and the few times i did ask was told that i would have to pay. EEk. Maybe i should go back to nursing homes? I did have the activity course, and could get certified but didn't need to for assisted living. Am really wanting to relocate to florida and should probly just get out of assisted living from what i am reading. Thanks for letting me participate. Shells
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