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  1. I am not sure about wherever you are located, but I know according to my state regulations, there has to be exercise scheduled 5 days a week, and scheduled activities 7 days a week. Also, there has to be scheduled evening activities at least 2 times a week and 1:1s scheduled 5 days a week. And exclusively mens activities at least 1 time a week. Now this is all according to my corporate consultant whose job it is to keep up with all of that and make sure I have all those things on my calendar. I am in Texas by the way. Dont know if that helps you or not!
  2. I am in the chat room right now...will be there for a while. Come on in and we can chat
  3. We can do it later if you need. After 6pm I will be pretty available. Just let me know if you want to do it later after the graduation. I will check back here periodically throughout the day. As for where we are supposed to chat, I am not sure if the open chat is the exact place but I dont think it specifies. So we can chat there or do a private chat if you want. Talk to you soon and have fun at the graduation!
  4. Well I have to get off here for a while and go get some things done. I will be back online and in the chat room around 6pm. Hopefully you can make it then and we can find each other. Have a good day.
  5. I am in the open chat room, the same one where we do our class chats on tuesdays
  6. the chat room where we do our chats for class. I see your name, that you are logged in and I sent you a couple messages.
  7. Im on now for a while. I am in the chat room. Hope to see you there!
  8. I will be online and in the chat room around 6 pm central time....ill be there for a while. Ill just stay logged into the chat room. Hope you can make it. If i can get on this morning around 9, i will. Thanks!
  9. Hello, My name is Mycca Pryor and I am from Justin, Texas. I am the activity director at Corinth Rehabilitation Suites in Corinth Texas. We are a long term care and rehab facility...with 130 beds. As for activity staff, there is myself and 1 assistant 20 hours a week. It is a crazy job and I stay super busy....but I love every minute of it!!! I would love to meet and chat with some other activities directors to share ideas with. Also, I'd like to have someone that I can ask about issues that may arise!
  10. I am actually logged in now and I am in the open chat room. If you cannot chat this evening, please let me know when you are available so that we make it work! Hope to chat with you soon!!! Thanks
  11. I will be logged on in 10 minutes and will go to the chat room!
  12. I am still looking for someone to chat with for our final practicum assignment. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks Mycca Pryor
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