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  1. Thats a good question! We do not have that on our participation records, hmmm.
  2. It's perfect! Recently I helped a resident start an e-mail account as well as a FACEBOOK and got her on Words with Friends, of course she is higher functioning than most, now other residents would like to interact but it is just too difficult for them in all different areas (mentally, physically) this is a great solution,
  3. Hello from California. By the time I get off everyone back east is done! If anyone is still confused about where to hold the 1/1 chat withe fellow student it is in our regular LIVE chat room. You just ghave to set up a time to meet there but not on a monday or tuesday.
  4. When you find someone to chat with, where do you chat? Cheri Altmeyer MEPAP1 120616
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