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  1. I've led activities for 5 years and I am also challenged to find good activities for men. I read thru the above posts and pool, cards, fishing are great ones. Where I currently work at a Rehab Swing Bed - Current Events is a big hit with the men. I read the paper looking for 3 good articles for discussion. Two articles that are thought provoking and one article that's just funny or interesting (usually local). I write out 3 or 4 questions to for us to answer about the article and I may only read a paragraph or two before starting the discussion of ideas and then finish reading the article. This gives people a chance to formulate ideas before knowing all the information. It's a lot of fun. Biggest challenge is when you get a discussion "dominator". However, it helps you become a better discussion leader Good luck!
  2. I have a blind, non-weight bearing patient who enjoys being out-of-doors. After chatting - he and I thought we would like to try identifying bird calls. I plan to obtain the large book from the Audubon Society that has the bird calls in it (you press a button for each bird and hear it's song). Our facility is adjacent to a forest - so I'm excited to take him out in his wheelchair and see if we can hear some birds. Simple idea - but we will give it a try.
  3. Hi - also try the State School for the Deaf. Most states have one. ie: Oregon State School for the Deaf. They often have help available.
  4. Hello Sasha, I have led activities for Independent Living for 5 years (Holiday Retirement) and had from 100 - 120 residents. Now I lead activities for a Hospital in their Rehab Swing Bed program for 25 patients. The 2 environments are very different but I enjoy them both. The rehab is very close to my home and has better pay so I am happier here.
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