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  1. Anyone having trouble contacting ombudsmen? I'm thinking my situation isn't urgent so they forget of call back.
  2. Hi, ive been looking for someone to chat with. When will you set this up?
  3. Hi degestrom, Do you want to set up a chat? Still haven't found anyone to discuss my activities for the final practicuum.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to complete my Mepap 1. So have to discuss an activity that I am planning. So I was thinking of doing flower pots and the pots can be like old mugs or other containers and we can decorate them. Then of course put in the dirt and plant the seed. Then every week we can see the progress of our plants and water them. I haven't planted anything, but this sounds really fun and can be part of the weekly activity. What do you guys think? Thank you, Teresa i'
  5. Hi everyone. My name is Teresa. Im currently working on my Final for MEPAP 1. Anyone want to set up a chat to discuss about an activity that they are planning?
  6. Hi, I currently work as a CNA, but when we have our meetings it seems like they are making sure that residents that are in the room are being visited by the staff especially if they don't participate in group activities; they should have 1:1 visits. Also, they make sure that you're following your calendar and that all music and items used are AGE APPROPRIATE. Also, charting is very important, they make sure that goals are being met and residents are provided with individualized activities for their care, if needed.
  7. I've been working as a CNA for almost 5 years now but have been closely working with the AD. Now an oppurtunity has arise, and was offered to take some days as an AD. Both jobs are very fulfilling especially since I've build relationship with the residents and their families.I'm hoping to complete my Mepap1 and hoping to meet fellow AD's and discuss activities and more!!
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