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  1. Penni, I have been looking for a motivator for staff , thank you I love the bingo game What a great idea, I am going to start it next week!! .Every Easter I hide eggs for staff with questions in them regarding state survey, each question is worth lottery tickets, how ever some eggs have fun things in them to like gathering 5 people and do the chicken dance and receive a lotto ticket or why did the chicken cross the road good answer and receive a ticket. The staff looks forward to that every year. The staff will love this. Carrie
  2. Hi, I work in a LTC community, I like to do a lot of different fundraisers, bake sale, raffle baskets with Mary Kay items or Avon or I have made the baskets with themes like movie night. but my far best is a community fall carnival, l just in that yearly we make $900.00 and more. we started of doing it to raise money for computers for the residents and when someone came to the carnival they donated two New Dell computers... after that it just stuck it is far best if you are needing items for residents. Carrie
  3. Hi Gina, my name is Carrie I am interested in your websites, I caught the name of one Activity ideas that work? is that correct ? What is the other I am always looking for new ideas for activities. I work in LTC community and my activities really vary. There are so many different abilities and I like to spice it up! it gets them excited and something to look forward to. Thanks Carrie
  4. Hi, Everyone my name is Carrie and I live in Berthoud Colorado, I have been learning so much in the first course, I am excited to start the second part and excited for this new adventure.
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