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  1. Hello my name is Tonya Puentes and I have read everyone's post and I do agree with all of you and you have helped with guys activities. Those are my biggest problem one to get them out of their rooms. Or they may walk around the building and not want to come to exercise because they have already walked, or have been on the bikes that are in the Fitness room. So I can't really argue the point when they have but they will do things like that on there own and not in a group. I think that if I don't take a lunch and do work at home that I will get everything done that I am suppose to, right like that is going to happen. Oh yes I take the MEPAP1 right now so guess that I wont be doing that. Lol. Well ideas are always welcome and I thank you all for all of the information. Tonya
  2. Hello Amanda and Ann, My name is Tonya Puentes, I am in the MEPAP1 also we are almost finished. We are in the week 11 and I have learned a lot even though I have been the Activity Director for two years now. I do run out of ideas, and my brain hurts sometime trying to come up with new ideas. We are so thankful that there are a lot of us out there and that we can communicate with each other. I do a lot of internet surfing and newspaper reading, and talk to a lot of other Activity Directors that are in the Senior Center that are in all of the little towns surroundings. I have also scheduled an Activities Directors Luncheon / Meeting to swap ideas. These are always fun. We are also having a large Easter Egg Hunt inviting the public and all the Senior Centers from the surrounding areas. This is going to be very interesting and so any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. If there is any thing that I can do to help you guys please let me know. Me email is also tpuentes7769@sbcglobal.net. Or my work email is ledopvl@gmail.com.
  3. Hello name is Tonya and I an in MEPAP 1. I am currently working In a brand new community. The contractors have only been out of the building since end of Feb. We just got our license. I have been an acting AD for about 2 years now. I am still looking for more ideas on things that I want to make new and exciting, you know things can get in a rut. I do go on line and pinterest and library and starting Activity Director Meetings/Luncheons at our community. We re having a large Easter Egg Hunt at our community. Any suggestion that will help make it a smooth event? I do appreciate all suggestions. Tonya puentes
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