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  1. My day program is mostly all men. The website, http://www.activityconnection.com has wonderful ideas that includes a section for men's activities. Some things we do are discussion topics about careers, indoor golf (they love the golf game I made from the activity connection website), they actually enjoy cooking projects since many of them were the primary cook in the family, they like to be useful, so pairing them up with those who may function at a lower level can meet this need, we go on outings (i.e., museums, miniature golf, bowling, pool & pizza, etc.), Wii bowling, small group card games, military topics of discussion and YouTube videos of WWII aircraft, anything to do with old cars, trains, etc., jokes & riddles, current events & newspaper activities... I hope this helps as a start for you. Also, the website, http://eldersong.com has resource books for programming for men. I really enjoy programming for our men. They are so much fun! Best wishes ~ Diana
  2. Amanda, thanks for the information and website to Total ADHC Solutions. This is perfect for my needs, as well! I'm currently the program coordinator for a social day program for early-to-moderate Alzheimer's and will be expanding to add an ADHC. This will be a great resource for my new venture! Enjoy your day! Diana
  3. In addition to Activity Director, a few websites that you may find useful for resources are: http://www.activityconnection.com http://www.enasco.com http://www.eldersong.com http://www.attainmentcompany.com http://wuzzlesandpuzzles.com http://www.printactivities.com/Mazes.html
  4. Hi, my name is Diana Jacoby and I'm enrolled in the MEPAP 1 course. I live in Eugene, Oregon and am the program coordinator of a social day program for individuals with early-to-moderate Alzheimer's that consists of the activity program, support groups for care partners and those with memory loss, and Living with Memory Loss 8-week educational series for families living with a memory loss disease. My program will soon have a new home within a locally owned & operated memory care community that will be expanding their continuum of care to include early and moderate memory loss programs, and adding an adult day health care model to the existing programs. I'm here to expand my knowledge base as the ADHC is being developed, and eventually be able to teach activities as part of the gerontology program at our community college.
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