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    Hi Lynn, I was wondering the same thing so I asked a friend who just finish the MEPAP 2 course. She said there are some question from the first part of the course. She said just have your notes handy and minimize the test and google any questions you don't know. I am still stressing just a bit about it. Sometimes the questions are tricky. Are you going to take the MEPAP 2 course? I decided to start in May so I can just get it finished. I look forward to chatting with you on Saturday. Joelle
  2. The best technique for me to get our residents to come to activities is to be very enthusiastic about the activity myself. I try to get them involved before the activity even begins. I try to spend alot of time getting to know each of them as well and this seems to help. Joelle
  3. Hi Gina, I am a Life Enrichment Coordinator at an Assisted Living/ Memory Care Community. I have used your Activity idea's that work website, you have lots of great idea's. I would be interested in a book with some new idea's. Especially for our M.C. unit. I am also always looking for idea's for men. Seems like they are a little more tricky to find their specific leisure interest. What made you decide to become an Activity Director? What type of setting do you work in? It is always nice to visit with other activities directors and share idea's. Joelle
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    Hello, my name is Joelle and I an a Life Enrichment coordinator for an Assisted Living home. This is the very first time I have ever posted on a message board. Does anyone have any tips on how to use this. I am just getting ready to take my final exam next week in the MEPAP 1 course. It has been very informative - I'm glad I took the class and will start the MEPAP 2 in May.
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