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  1. Does anyone know of any websites or companies that sell products that enable you to put your activity calendars on TV within your community? Anybody have it yet? We're thinking of getting this for our facility but are having trouble researching and pricing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, and a very Happy New Year to all!
  2. Our residents LOVE parachute games. I play music (somebody different gets to choose type each time) . Everyone sits in a circle (close together if possible) and we throw 3 soft balls into the center. The object is to keep moving the parachute and keep the balls on top. Sing-a-longs are always appreciated. You can get Sing-A-Longs with Eldersongs with all sorts of music. Some people love to be read to. Ask their families who their favorite authors were before.
  3. We have many different programs in our memory Care Unit. Our residents are affected in varying degrees by dementia, but they still enjoy a full range of activities. Playing with the parachute is very popular-- put 3 soft small balls in the center and ask them to try to keep them on the parachute. We do various different exercise programs, and there is at least one every day. Our residents like to think up songs to sing to familiar movements like Row Row your boat or If You're Happy and You know It. Or have them pick card from the deck to see how many repetitions of each exercie they must do. We also have cooking club, table games of all sorts, cards (sometimes simplified) and dice games. Try Fly Swatter Volleyball. All you need is cheap fly swatters and a bag of Mylar balloons. The residents can sit in a circle and hit at the balloon both in the air or on the ground. Music programs are also popular -- sing-a-longs, Name that Tune, etc.
  4. We have evening activities 4 nights a week in our memory care unit, but only until 8PM. Each activity is 30 minutes. Activities range from gentle exercise like parachute, ring toss, stretching to music. We also play games like Name That Tune, board games, cards or dice. Sometimes we have Rhythmn Band or Sing-A-Longs. Reading groups are very popular.We also have a volunteer who comes two nights a month to play guitar and sing. Actually. these activities are very much like daytime ones. It is working well.
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