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  1. Hi There! My name is Bonnie Barchichat, it's now 10 years I've been doing live shows primarily in Southern California, prior to that I was a medical publisher for 27 years until my 89 year old mom at the time stopped laughing at the Improv! I've just completed my 1st DVD on account of we have not been doing any live shows since last March.. It's called "The Best of Senior Comedy Afternoons".. It stars 6 of our senior comics and dancers, and a musician, and contains a sing a long too! It's a fun time that lasts 65 minutes and could be a wonderful activity show for broadcast at your facilities in a group or on your private channels! As i said it's now 10 years that we've been producing these shows, seniors love them.. currently now by zoom, until time allows LIVE! I think by the Holidays we'll be back doing our lunch shows! The cost is $19.95 or 24.45 that includes shipping.. just go to my website at www.seniorcomedyafternoons.com and see more about us or call me!
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