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  1. I am considering becoming certified although it is not needed where I work. My boss has told me not to "waste" money. Is it worth the investment from a personal standpoint? If it wasn't required would you still do it? And what is the best route to go about it?
  2. I have found some of my residents favorite activities are music hour. I youtube their old music and we play along with drums, bells, tamborines, and other sorts of things to shake and make noise. I have found most them to be the most responsive to music from the 20's-40's. For a lot of them that is the music of their childhood and it brings back a lot of memories! After music we talk about things that happened to them during those times. I have found even severely impaired residents will sing along and smile. Also the Koosh ball is always a hit. I got it at a kid's isle of the store. I have a large one. Everyone loves the wiggly hair on it. They even name and call it Mr. Wiggles!
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