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  1. Hi Gina, I am a activity director in TN I think the best book that could be written in activity's is one for administrators and corporations on time issues activity directors face often I feel that there is a lot of time spent on residents who are up and attending group activity and partys and not enough time for those residents who are 1:1 or in rooms. 10 Min. 3x per week is not enough time to do something truly meaningful with a very sick lonely person in there room however that is the only time most activity departments have most of activity is spent on big out of room groups, small interest groups and activity which helps with falls etc. for example if you do 5 1 hour group activities and 2 30 min. activity a day and take off for lunch ( you cant visit at meal times at my facility that is from noon til 1:30 it leaves little time for in room activity. I have been to many siminars and confrences and met lots of activity directors from around the world this is a problem that all struggle with it is a problem I have always struggled with and a book of possiable solutions and sample schedules for both small and large facilitys is something I would buy.
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