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Activities Poem

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#1 Periwinkle



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Posted 19 May 2010 - 09:23 AM

Hi -
I am looking for the poem "The Purpose of Activities". It is a poem about making activities live, instead of killing time. Does anyone have it? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

#2 Ella


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Posted 19 May 2010 - 01:36 PM

I am not sure if this is the one that you are looking for but I hope it wil do!


Why do they come to my door and
ask, "Do you want to play Bingo"?
"No I'll pass!
Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?
Now leave quietly, without a peep"!

Who is back the very next day?
"Would you like a manicure"?
I say, "Okay".
Or I tell her, "Maybe I will on
another day".

Ah! She's gone - there is quiet!
Now, it's just me and
The Price is Right!

Knock, knock! Can you guess?
Yep! She's back -
The Activity Pest!
"We're having a party.
Please won't you come"?
"If I go this time, will you
leave me alone"?

She tries to get me in the mood
and bribes me with a little food.
So I tag along - to this party I go.
There are people dancing, and
what do you know?
I'm talking and eating and
enjoying the show!

I guess these activities
aren't so bad.
In fact, the party helped me
forget feeling sad.

So, if you get a knock
on your door
and it's the Pest,
try not to ignore,
Believe it or not,
her intentions are right;
to get us out of our rooms
and into the spotlight!

This may not be the poem you were looking for but I love it! Hope you enjoy it either way! :P


#3 pkc


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 08:45 AM

GREAT poem!
My place is indpendent.
Anyone know the author? I would like to change it a little to fit my place more.

#4 Ella


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 12:18 PM

The "Activity Pest" Poem was written by Suzanne Williams. I am glad you enjoyed it. Here is another one you may be able to use in your Independent Living Facility.

"Activity Professionals......"

Conduct more interviews than...
Jay Leno

Do enough exercise to be on...

Put on as many specials as...
Bob Hope

Ad Lib as much as...
Joan Rivers

Play as many games as...
Sesame Street

Know as much trivia as the contestants on...

Live through as many traumas as...

Deal with as much illness as...
General Hospital

Have as much compassion as...
Little House on the Prairie

Analyze current events like...
The Today Show

And - We are ready to go into reruns...
At any time

Above and beyond all this WE MUST...

Sing like...
Kate Smith

Play the piano like...
Peter Nero

Do stand up comedy like...
George Burns

M.C. like...
Georgie Jessel

Act like...
Katherine Hepburn

Edit newspapers like...
William Ranpolph Hearst

Read like...
Orson Wells


And do bulletin boards like...
Norman Rockwell

(Adapted from a speech by Madge Schweinsberg, Sept. 1981)

I hope you enjoy this as much as the "Activity Pest". I have one other that I really like as well. It is called "ATribute to Activity Professionals! - Thank you". It is quite long so I will put it in another post.

Ella :P