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Initial resident introductory meeting as a new Activity Director

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Hey there,

So I am starting a new position this month as an activity director at an independent living home and while I have many questions, one that I have been thinking about is setting up a meeting to introduce myself and get to know the residents a little bit, maybe see what activities they already love and what they want to do that they haven’t yet. So my question is what did you do in this situation? Hand out questionnaires of some form maybe? Any info would be great. Thanks!

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What i did was go room to room and introduced myself to the residents. It may take a while, but they like the one-on-one introduction better. Then at the first resident council meeting I put out a mailbox and told them that when they have an idea for activities. put it in the box and put the tab up. Check it everyday, and the ideas that you are able to do, bring them to the next council meeting and bring them up for a vote to see if you will have a large number of residents willing to participate. You can have that resident run the activity i.e explaining, keeping score, and teaching. 

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