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Alzheimer's Programs


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Does any one have any good ideas for an Alzheimer's program. Does any one have a creative way to get the cna involved with the programs.

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Guest Guest_Rebecca

Hi! We have a secured area for our advanced alzheimer's residents and we've been trying lately to put alot of focus on them. Here are a few things we do.


When not actively running a program we always have music on and try to avoid having the tv on in the background all the time.


One Christmas idea was to combine ALL residents in a common area where the decorations were plentiful (with a tree) and had a christmas carol sing-a-long. However due to a flu outbreak we had to postpone.


For February with the Oscar Awards we are doing a special Oscar event which I think the alzheimer residents would like. The staff will be nominating residents for things such as "best smile", "best dressed" etc. and then "awarding" the residents. We'll have props etc. and should be fun AND includes other staff!


For Bingo in the Alzheimer's wing we do pictionary Bingo. Works well!


In good weather - if you have an enclosed backyard/courtyard - you could start a walking club. There is research out there that suggests walking of any kind is especially stimulating for alzheimer's.


Another - ask a HCA or family member of the residents for pictures of their family and friends and have everyone gathered in a common area. Serve coffe/tea and cookies. Bring out the photos and encourage the residents to share with others who is in each photo. Even though they may not remember all persons in photo(s)

we did this, and the residents really seemed to be lively and enjoyed it. (Gets residents to talk to each other)


Also any physical activity usually works such as bowling, bean bag toss. Sometimes though you have to work individually on this depending on the severity of the disease.


HOpe this helps! You can also try contacting your local Alzheimer's Society for information and ideas on special programs.


Merry Christmas!



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