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Found 1 result

  1. The activity I would like to talk about is called Cook N' Eat (eggs in a bag) I usually plan this lunch for 8 to 10 people This is an activity where residents or seniors get to be involved in there lunch for the day. I will show you how it can be very simple or how i can make it very involved depending on the skill set of the seniors. Independent Living First thing I would do is set up an outing to go to a local grocery store using the facilities bus so we can shop for out ingredients. I will then ask the ladies and gentleman to pick out whatever vegetables and meats they want to try. Once we are back I would have the seniors help with washing and assisting me with cutting the different vegetables and meats to go in there eggs in a bag. We would then set the table or tables and add the chopped ingredients in different bowls. Each person will get a freezer bag and a sharpie to write there name in the space provided. I would set up a large pot of boiling water so we can boil the bags for about thirteen minutes. Ever person will get two eggs in their bag then they can add whatever meats or veggies they like into their bag to make an omelet. I'll ask them to smoosh it together until its mixed well. Once its cooked I'll take them out of the pot and place each bag in their plate. Once cool they can open their bags and enjoy their eggs in a bag. Together we would clean up the space and do dishes. ALF: with my volunteers First thing i would do is set up an outing to got to the local grocery store using the facility's bus so we can shop for our ingredients. I will let the residents pick whatever vegetables and meats they want to try. Once we are back at the ALF i would have the residents help me washing the different vegetables. I would cut up the meats along with the vegetables and put them into small bowls. I would have the resident help me set the table. Each person would get a freezer bag with a sharpie to write their name in the space provided. I would set up a large pot of water so we can boil the bags for 13 minutes. Every resident will get 2 eggs in their bag then they can add whatever veggies and meats they like. If any resident need help smooching the ingredients together then myself or a volunteer can assist them. Once its cooked I'll take them out of the pot and we will serve each resident their bag and opening the bags for them. Memory Care Unit For this activity i would keep it simple. I would have done all the shopping on the morning of this activity. Myself and volunteers will wash and cut up vegetables along with meats. Placing them into small bowls. We would then set up the tables and get each resident to their assigned seats. Once they are in their seats ill hand them a bag with their name already on it. We would crack the eggs placing them in bags for the residents and asking what they would like in their bag. I would boil their bag then when it was finished we would serve the residents.If they need their food cut up we would help them with that also. Staff would clean the dishes and take out the trash. I enjoy this activity because its a healthier way to eat, we don't use butter or sprays. we do it once a month with different foods. sometimes we do pizzas on english muffins, or pasta salads that they can add different stuff to their pasta, another favorite is stuffed waffles with different fruits. I always check diets and check for allergies .
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