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  1. Thank you PENNIE that quick link you provided was exactly the type of form i was looking for. Thanks so much.
  2. thanks for the ideas you guys... I am doing the calendar with highlighting currently but it's a little crazy with a higher census... Very new to this job so I just have to iron out some wrinkles..
  3. Hello, I was just curious if anyone had a really easy way to chart for activity participation? I have about 55 residents and It gets tough because i'm so new!! Any ideas would be great thanks
  4. I'm still learning about the state regs, and MDS's but struggling with activities that will entertain all levels of cognition... some residents think they need to be included in every activity and then get upset when it is boring to them... like sensory groups. I know being new I have alot to learn!!!
  5. Hey everyone, I'm new to the activity director job, could use some help
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