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  1. Thank you everyone - all great ideas.
  2. Hi Chrissy, I am doing my fieldwork (for the MEPAP course) at a 125 bed nursing home. Last week i sat in with the activity director and a group of residents that are on a committee that try and raise money for nursing home. This small group (8-10 residents) have come up with a bunch of ideas and they have raised enough money to buy all sorts of nice things for the facility - a big screen tv, Wii game, some patio furniture as well as some smaller things like a popcorn machine (which they make popcorn and sell it to the staff for $1.00). This facility has even a less budget then you do. But the activity director said that because this group are "residents" and they come up with the ideas its easier to raise the money. They do a lot of fund raising not only inside the facility for the other residents and their families, but also open to the public. This month they are hosting a car show in the parking lot - they will be having hot dogs and pop (donated by Mcdonalds), a bake sale, a 50/50 raffle and older music. Hopefully this will help. Sue
  3. Does anyone have a certain company or place you can purchase a bowling game that would have an automatic pin setup? The facility that I am working with (for my fieldwork) has a bowling game that the residents love, but you have to have two people to operate the game. One to set the pins up and send the bowling ball back to the resident and the other person has to get the resident ready for their turn. The problem is that the pins have to be manually set up each time - so besides for the time it takes to set them up each time the lucky person that gets that job is too tired to finish all 10 frames - your constantly bending over and retrieving the pins from all over the floor. The ball they use is a hard rubber ball and they roll it down a metal frame that is lined up with the pins - more adult like then a child's bowling game would be. The budget at this facility is almost nothing - so depending on the price i was going to donate it when my class is finished. Thank you.. Sue
  4. Thank you....I will make sure i can answer all of those questions - thanks again! Sue
  5. Hello - I am just starting to take the MEPAP course to eventually become a certified Activity Director. In the meantime, I applied for an Activity Coordinator position and I have my second interview in a couple of weeks. The facility is a skilled nursing facility - 34 bed unit for short or long term care. Though i am not currently certified or have worked as an activity director - (years ago i was a CNA in a nursing home for a little over 5 years) - they are looking for someone willing to become certified in the next year or so. I guess thats part of the reason I got the interview. They told me I would be questioned by a panel of 5... What I would like to know is if anyone could give me some ideas on what types of questions they might ask me for this position. Thank you, Sue
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