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  1. Wow, That is hard to believe you have to have the books locked up, We have a Den on our unit, that has bookcases full of books and magazine racks full of magazines,the residents on our Alzhiemers/Dementia unit have full access to any of them at any time. We also have another room that we have books and magazines in. The residents are encouraged to look at these daily even if they do not remember what they read or was seeing it still stimulated thier minds it may have also brought back memories of something from thier past. Maybe you can ask for donations from family members in your monthly newsletters for magazines and books they are not using any longer. A library may also be a good place to look for donations for books they no longer are going to use that way if they become damaged or lost you will not have to worry about the cost of replacing them. Good luck
  2. Maybe you can try a activity like matching/sorting,have the residents sort buttons,beads,ect.. to size or color. Try picking a subject like flowers,children,crafts have them look through magazines and pick out pictures they would like to have cut out for a book or collage they can help you make. My residents enjoy looking for pictures of food and we cut the recipes out with them,(for our own cookbook) My lower functioning residents also enjoy me bringing out the big book of Nursery Rhymes I will begin a sentence and see if they can finish it. Hope I have been some help to you.
  3. I have a few ladies that are still pretty high functioning and get bored easily, I have them to help me go through the movies and cds that are used and put them in thier cases as well as in thier class of music or movies. The ladies help me wash,set the tables,fill the glasses with ice,help clear the tables after meals. They also enjoy folding the laundry that we keep close by. (the ladies love mateing socks)If you have extra at home bring them in It will keep her busy for a little while. Maybe she likes making beds.dusting the furniture,sweeping the floors. Maybe if you have pictures and some empty albums she could fix those for you,there are so many ideas I hope some of these things will help you
  4. Maybe you could have Family members and Residents pick things they would like to do or share with each other, such as picture night( have residents and family members bring in pictures of things they enjoyed doing) easter egg hunts,dinners,family vacation pics something that involved the resident, Another Idea is have a craft night have the residents and family members make something together to bring for show and tell at one of the meetings (can get a lot of ideas for projects ) It can be something they have already made. Maybe a quilt or sewing night where the families bring in a quilt or something sewn that the resident has made. I hope I have been of some help
  5. This could be a great activity for some of your higher functioning residents. We have a sewing group once a week. The ladies that are interested are helping make a small quilt top that we are going to hang when we are done. I have lacing cards for the lower functioning ladies so they can participate also. I think our next project will be to make a few of these sensory pillows. Maybe we could send you one let me know if you are interested.
  6. What are your residents likes? Do they like manicures,folding laundry,reading the paper these are all things you can bring to them. when you are doing thier manicure bring lotion massage thier hands and fingers talk about when they were younger if they had sisters did they paint each others nails? if it laundry how did they wash clothes when they were growing up? wash board, wringer washer? I love the stories I hear One resident even told me they had a gas powered washer that they set out under the tree(I had never heard such a thing) It is pretty amazing some of the things you are told in thier stories. If they do not like the whole paper do they like Dear Abby, Horsescopes, sports sections?, where did they work? what were thier hobbies? just taking the time to talk and reminisce brings back memories from thier past the residents really love to have someone who will listen and respond to them. I think just knowing that you are listening and really are hearing what they are saying gets the residents attention and makes them more willing to talk about thier memories hope this helps
  7. Hello, Im not sure how much space you have avalible and where you would set your plants once they are established but maybe these ideas will help, you could go to Wal Mart, Lowes etc.. buy the planting trays and seeds (vegetable) and have your residents that are interested to help plant them. If you dont have adequate light, you could purchase a grow light to place over the plant tray, have the residents help you to water and transplant into pots when plants are mature or established enough if you have the space in a outside garden the plants can be transplanted outside(weather permitting) or if you just want them for plants you could get seeds such as green peper they make a very pretty plant and you can eat the pepers when they are mature. You could use any counter space or area to do this project use newspaper on counter under the tray to make cleanup easier. I hope these ideas will help
  8. Try bringing your resident to where he will be moving too a week or two in advance,. allow him to participate in the groups, mealtimes, let hiim get accustomed to what will be his new surroundings and friends. Ask him if there is something he enjoys and maybe would like to show the other residents, maybe he would like to assist in one of the group activity he enjoys. Being patient and understanding with him and listening to his concerns. assure him that he will still be able to make some of his own decisions. Give him time to become comfortable with his new surroundings and be there for his fearful times.
  9. Hi Vickie, I work on the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit in my building; Transitioning is probably the hardest thing for a person with Alzheimer’s to do. When they are put into a unfamiliar place and do not know where they are or the people around them they become very frightened. Having patience with your little lady and gaining her trust will take time be patient with her let her feel like she has some control over herself if possible let her make some decisions like choosing what she wants to wear and if she cant make choices very well then give her two outfits and let her choose the one she wants, be careful with the surroundings such as too much noise, the temperature, too hot or too cold, is she in pain, could she be hungry or thirsty? Does she need to toilet? She may not be able to tell you what she wants or needs that will make her frustrated and angry. See if you can talk with her family; make a journal about her life, where she grew up, farm life or city. Community involvement, church groups, her father and mother, sisters and brothers, children ect. anything that would bring back good memories of her past since that is where she probably is in her stage of Alzheimer’s, Having a photo album of pictures with names would probably be helpful, does she like manicures, hand massages, beauty shop, music? Watch her through the day see if certain times or things that are occurring are triggering her behaviors? Oh and the loosing the paper situation, I had a resident who came to the desk probably 40-50 times a day when she first came to us, we gave her a paper too and she would carry it to her room and put it away and then come back and ask us the same question so we took one of the notes and taped it to the desk and redirected her to the note when she approached us about her car keys and her checkbook we placed the note on the desk where she could see it taped it down and redirected her to it when she approached the desk. After a few weeks she was making fewer trips. She still sometimes will come up and tell us her checkbook and car keys are gone and we remind her that her son has them and that helped calm her. I hope some of this has been helpful to you just have patience and God Bless
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