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  1. Good Evening, One suggestion is for the person who works night they can help in the dining services by offering to fill juices and coffee to past the time. That is something new that was implemented at my community and it works well. Also at my community we only offer evening activities Monday-Friday and have never got in any trouble that I know of. I can tell you that your Administrator will be pleased to hear about you having your team be diverse.
  2. Hello, The laundry area is wonderful. Let me just tell you from experience. It is a great way to sit down and reminisce with the residents. I like to sit down and ask the resident how am I suppose to fold this or can you help me get all this load done? These types of things are meant to make them feel as if they have a purpose in life. If they feel, that they have a purpose they will be more active and in better health.
  3. At my community we don’t do a board we do a newsletter. In the newsletter, we do an article on an individual resident. The name “Resident of the month” it seems bias to be honest. Maybe what you can do is do an article like the one’s we do (male or female resident) then post them on your board.
  4. Hello, That is just insane that he/she would say that. A quick question to you is “Are your residents allowed to read the newspaper?” If yes what would be the difference between the paper and a book? It seems like this is a money issue. If I were in your situation, I would contact an Alzheimer’s website and ask them the same question. They are knowledgeable and can help you further. In addition, if they say yes ask them for the research behind it as proof for your administrator.
  5. One-way that may I suggest is by slowly transitioning the resident. Bring the resident to LTC for a little bit of a time a day. Always try to pair the resident with an old familiar friend in the LTC. This way the friend can bond with them and the resident can see that it is not that bad. That would be the only advice I can give.
  6. Well Sparkle I don't mean to be extreme or harsh but if your authority figure does not want to address this situation you can always call your local ombudsman. By letting them know they will randomly keep visiting you. You can call as anonymous. Just hope they will come often enough that your team will learn to do the correct thing.
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