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  1. I am a new A/D for the Swing Bed Program at a hospital, and I was needing any advise on outings, I was told that the patients couldn't go on outings and if they did they would have to sign out of the hospital, is this true, I hope not because I feel as if they should have that right. If there is another A/D in the Swing Bed program, please let me know your procedure on outings, or anyone. Thank You, Sam
  2. well, I was so excited to see another Swing Bed A/D finaly, and I am in the same boat because we are getting a new hospital too in about two more months and I am so happy, but I am not going to get my new activity room painted different colors just plain ol white, but I would say prime colors, one solid color, or what ever is best for the patients.
  3. My co-workers tease me about this from time to time, and if they see me without a patient they sometimes ask me to do things that are not in my job decription but I always help anyway, and in a way I feel like my co-workers think the same way, so I provide the patients with all of their needs, because they are the reason im there not their opinions.
  4. I am a new A/D too, but before I became an A/D I was an aide, and now I see both sides, the thing that helped me the most was I was already friends with all of the team members, so I think that its important to befriend your co-wokers, and when they need help always assist them as much as you can, because it will go a long way.
  5. I have been an A/D for about 6 months now, and I work at a hospital, and I was needing any advise from other A/D that work in a hospital setting on group activities, mostly all of the patients are in the program for diffrent reasons, and that leaves me to do alot of 1:1 activities.
  6. They need to understand that A/D is very important, to the patients, and they need to include you in the daily routine of things. But, what I do is if the nurse is with my patient I just go to the next one.
  7. They need to know that A/D is important part of the daily routine and they need to include you in. But what I do is if the nurse is with my patient I just go to the next one.
  8. sams


    I don't know any stategies, but I will suggest that if she loves to play bingo, I don't see why you can't get one, or two other resident that may be a little confused and let them play together.
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