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  1. I just started using netflix and it's been great. We have a "Friday Night at the Movies" every week on the big screen. I hand the movie to one particular cna and ask her to drop it in the mail right after words. I get the next movie by Tuesday. I went with the one movie at a time plan it's roughly five dollars a month. It's cheaper than renting and I don't have to go anywhere.
  2. How about Senior Olympics or Senior Athletes.
  3. How about a play on words, like "Let's be SENSE-able" or "SENSE-a-tional". If you're talking about a spa experience I use "PAMPER ME" they all come quickly with that title. I know you'll find the perfect name, it'll be a perfect fit.
  4. Have you ever tried the Chicken Soup Series? They have one for Seniors and just about every subject under the sun these days.
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