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  1. Heavenstar, How do you make the horse racing game? You gave me some great ideas!!! Thanks!
  2. Well, the prizes I still have to figure out. I'm not doing this until July....and I know that is going to be here before I know it! But as for volunteers....I work in a small facility. Our total bed capacity is 64. I am also the only one here in activities. The good thing is when we have big events going on we all usually pitch in and help out. All the way from the administrator to housekeeping. I have some different ideas for prizes which are...using pennies, using prizes other than money such as pizzas (donated from local pizza shops), dinners, etc. Anybody has any other ideas let me know.....I also thought about the whole play money thing.....Just throwing around ideas for now....
  3. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some ideas for the summer. I wanted to do something special with my residents and I have been raising extra money. A few of our residents voiced that they would enjoy going to a casino but we don't have enough money for that so I thought about having a casino day here. I purchased a table that has blackjack, craps, and roulette. I'm just not sure how to go about doing all of this. I brought it up at our management meeting and everyone liked the idea but didn't offer any other suggestions. Any ideas?
  4. I am only here M-F so on the weekends I try to schedule entertainers or I make activity packets for the residents. The activity packets consist of puzzles, word searches, poems, stories...etc. I also got a large bookcase moved into a tv room and began filling it with different activities. When I'm not available on the weekends they have a "resource center" that they can utilize to stay occupied.
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