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  1. This is when I bring in musicians. I have found that many music instructors love bringing there students into our communities for recitals. Also school choirs or even local musicians. Sometimes there is already someone right there in your building who plays music are has a family member that might play for you every once and a while.
  2. Hello Kevin One of the programs that I have become very excited about is Timeslips. This is a creative story writing process for people with mid to late stage dementia, which is mainly what I work with. You should check out the web site.!!
  3. We have a creative story writing group that gathers in our Dementia Wing. We have had excellent feedback from both the families and the staff. The program is based from a program called Time Slips you can look over it at www.timeslips.org It is something that you can do with little or no money. The only necessity is a good strong volunteer base whether it be families or local school kids. I hope this is something that wuld work out for you!
  4. I am an Activities Director up here in Seattle, I am always looking for new resources. I love my job and am sure that there are others out there that feel the same way I do. Though sometimes we get tired and frustrated when we put our heart into something then no one shows up or you get everybody excited about an upcoming event only to find that it is not completely accessible. I just would like to talk to some others out there that can appreciate some of my better days and some of my harder days. I would love to share ideas and programs that I have implemented in my building, and would love some new ideas just to shake stuff up a little!!!!
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