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  1. Hi y'all, I'm emeraldcuteyes, I am a Texas woman existing in Massachusetts. I stumbled across this site a while ago last year and I have to say I wish I would have had this kind support when I was an Activity Director. I held that position for 11 years, ending in 1990 when I returned to nursing. I didn't need to be certified at that time, just had to stay compliant with state regulations. The home was 120 residents and I had one assistant. We recruited a volunteer staff of 156 and we were the first home to sponsor the adopt a grandparent program in this state. The state surveyors loved my programming and would ask permission to photocopy ( that's what it was called then) all of my monthly calendars to pass out to other directors in the state. We had a full program 9 am to 7 pm Monday thru Friday and 9am to 4pm then 6pm to 9pm on Saturday. Sunday we had 3 different religious services going in the am and movie afternoon 2pm to 4pm. Our residents used to say they didn't have time for family. My assistant was a wonderful woman that became also my good friend. I never asked her to do something that I wouldn't do. We became the hosts for the yearly Red Cross and the American Heart Assoc. fund drives with the residents running the programs. I have to say I'm boggled with all of the requirements for Activity Directors positions. I'm also shocked with the salary quotes I'm hearing!!! I was very lucky, I was making $ 18.00 an hour in 1990. I always loved my job and put in long hours but always felt good when I finished a day. I have since returned to college again, a BS in theology and a Masters and PhD in metaphysical counseling.I am also an ordained minister. I have often thought of returning to an activity directorship yet I'm lost as to what I might need for requirements. I could only hope that in the future I can return to my beloved Texas to stay. If someone could give me the requirements of the majority of states it would be appreciated.Thankyou, emeraldcuteyes
  2. Hi y'all, I just stumbled across this site this evening.I just wish I had been able to find this type of site 27 years ago. I was 1 yr out of a 4 year BSN program when I was offered a 4 day a week Activity Director's job.I was 21 years old and loved every minute of it. I worked the other three days a week in nursing doing 12 hr shifts. I did the AD job for 11 years with 106 residents then moved on to 130 residents for another 6 yrs. I kept my nursing job as I took over running the Emergency Room. As I read your boards I see the same problems I encountered at first with the staff, can't believe that nothing has really changed.I have played with the idea of an AD's job once again, this time will be different as I returned to school earning my Masters and Ph.D. Oh yeah I'm a minister for the past 7 years so my patience have grown. I hope to be able to chat with y'all sometime soon. emeraldcuteyes
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