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  1. Morninig.... There is a website Activityconnection.com that has a lot of ideas as well as different styles of calanders and even newsletter. You do have to pay for a subscription tho.
  2. We try and go out once a week. Like you we go out for lunch. We also go to Walmart, movies, local community theater, at Christmas time we go look at Christmas lights and in the Spring we go look at the Cherry Blossoms(I am in the Washington, D.C. area). Hope this helps
  3. Thanks for the info. What is everybody doing for Grandparents day?
  4. How about a baseball game or somewhere where there are slot machines or horse racing. Not sure where you live but maybe out to eat crabs or out fishing. Just to name a few. I would definately not feel comfortable with the strip club outing.
  5. I have a program on my computer called printmaster silver that I use to make all kinds of flyers, banners, invites etc. There is a huge catalog of graphics for all occasions, holidays etc. There are also some ready to use for various occasions. The program is something I believe you can purchase at office depot or someother similar store and download onto you computer. Good luck
  6. Did you go through the new CMS Q.I.S. process? If so how was it?
  7. TRkathy


    For our residents birthday, we give them a small bunch of balloons the day of their birthday. We have monthly birthday party for residents in that particular month and serve cake and punch. We have some entertainment....sing happy birthday and give a small gift.
  8. EGG-CEPTIONAL EGG HUNT Take apart some colored, plastic Easter eggs so you have bottoms and tops. Hide them all around the building. The object of the game is to put together as many whole eggs as possible - matching a top and a bottom of the same color. Hunt individually or in teams. If you want, allow players to swap egg pieces. At the end of the day, the person/team with the most complete eggs wins a prize. EGG ROLLING Take some hard-boiled eggs and color all but one of them. Place the uncolored egg in the center of a large circle. Have all the players stand (or sit) just outside the circle. Give each player one colored egg. Players take turns rolling their egg towards the egg in the center of the circle. The object of the game is to get as close to the center egg as possible without touching it. If you touch the center egg, or break your egg, you are out. EGG PEELING CONTEST You will need plenty of hard-boiled eggs. (Perhaps you can use the ones already cracked from the Egg Knocking game above.) Ready, set, go! See who can peel the most eggs in the predetermined period of time. After you have peeled all those eggs, make deviled eggs.
  9. Oh....sorry I thought they wanted a recipe that didn't include lime sherbet.
  10. Go to allrecipes.com and type in green punch. I found one that has green jello and different juices in it.
  11. It is my understanding that it is not just the Activities Deptartments responsibility to provide activities to the residents therefore it is not just the responsibility of the Activity staff to transport residents to and from group activities. Do aids and other staff help out? You tell me....not so much but it sure would be nice.
  12. How many bed facility: 180 beds How many open beds: about 15 How many hours a week in activities(not including director): 105 How long does last activity person stay: 5:30pm Mon-Fri Weekends: One Saturday 8am-4:30pm, next Saturday 10:30am-3:30pm and every other Sunday 8:00am-4:30pm Activity Director status: full time 40 hours a week
  13. We play three times a week as well. We use quarters as prizes, usually .50 cents a game. Sometimes we give out a dollar a game or if we do a cover all we do $1.00. A lot of our residents will save up their money and believe it or not it adds up pretty quick if they play all the time. They will use it on the vending machines or when we order out lunch, go shopping or out for lunch. We recently started a monthly five and 10 cent store here in the facility where we have dollar store items or donated items such as toiletries and a variety of other items spread out and the residents can purchase things for five cents, 10 cents or a quarter. Hope this help you out. Oh by the way we usually use $10.00 of quarters a game, but we have a generous family member that gives and additional amount every day we play so that we can play longer.
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