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  1. Regarding interest in Adult Day Care center Activity...Continue... .... We always keep items out for the clients to enjoy.Remember they really love dimenoes, crafts for group or ind. , the like UNO and skip bo for the younger clients.. One thing that the clients in Mental Health always want to do is BEADS and COLOR by Number. If you are able to get donations for your group one idea that I came up with a year ago was a General Dollar Store.... ....At this general store you put items for hygiene care, treats, 1:1 crafts items, note books, address books, combs, yearly calendars, socks , anything you can get donated. They earn points each day or week for attending special programs and doing self projects. You would be shocked at the things that the clients will start bring to you, that they have done and things that that want to do for an activity. I have lots of other great ideas I would love to post later.......Any questions just write and good luck.........
  2. I have worked in Adult day Care for Mental Health for 6 years now. You have to show the clients that they really are inportant to you...... They need self project soft music and a whole lot of laughter. What age goup do you have? I will check back later. LW
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