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  1. Welcome & Congratulations about your new jobs as AD in long term care. I worked as an Activity Director for almost 15 years and have found the Directors that have longevity are the ones who listen, understand that your programming have to based on what the Residents want, And are patient with staff who think they can do your job better..lol. No seriously also understand the priority of your paperwork getting in on time. My suggestions to you would be 1. Keep the existing programming for a couple months until you have a chance to see from the residents and your staff what works and what needs to be changed. 2.) Your paperwork has to be on time no if or buts. You can have the most amazing programming ever offered but if you don't do your paperwork on time you could lose your job! 3.) Learn your community(Nursing home) and how to have the smoothest transition. 4.) you need the nursing staff to help you have the residents ready to attend activities. Without them you will have no one attending! Treat them with respect, appreciate them! 4.) Support your staff! They run your activities for you when you have meetings, Care plan meetings and paperwork to do. 5:) recognize that the generation you are providing activities to don't do well with change. They are very patriotic, spiritual, and have so much to offer! They need to know that life does not end when moving to LTC! If you ever need idea's or encouragement please contact me Directormaggie@aol.com. I currently have moved to Activities Coordinator in a Retirement Community and love it. I am the Activity Director for their Independent side. there is an assisted and will be 2 skilled also on campus! God Bless you all!
  2. We used to play Hot Potato game. Have the residents sit in a circle. Have 1 assistant be in charge of the music and the other other help the "Hot Potato" get passed around. You can use anything for the "Hot potato". have the pass the Potato to the right as the music starts and when the music stops who ever last touched the Potato is out. It becomes very competitive and the residents laugh and love the game. Bingo bucks were distributed to everyone who attended and to those that placed.
  3. Hi! My name is Maggie and I have worked as an Activity Director in Long term Care for almost 15 years! This past year tho I took a position with a retirement community as their Activity Coordinator for the Independent level. We also have Assisted and will have 2 skilled facilities this year. I love skilled but found I felt burned out with the new MDS 3.0 and all the increase in paperwork. I just want to Thank everyone who has chosen the Profession of Activity Director in all levels of care! You are not only amazing but such a Blessing to our Residents!
  4. Hi.. My name is Maggie and I have been an Activity Director for 7 years. My first facility was 145 beds with A TCU unit- I was there for 4 1/2 years and currently I am working at a facility that has 99 beds... only LTC.. Which I prefer.. less paperwork! I have been here for 2 1/2 years. My passion has been LTC... All of my childhood I would volunteer in Nursing homes... and during college I was hired on as a Act. assistant and feel in love with the profession. I am living in the central Valley of California...and am looking forward to getting to know other Activity Directors and sharing idea's:)
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