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  1. I'm Kristi and I am the nurse and site mgr. for a social model adult day care. I've been with this small, private non-profit agency for 11 years. Skagit Adult Day Care (Skagit is pronounced "ska-jit") is in Burlington, Washington. I live 40 minutes away on Whidbey Island. I'm 42 years old, been in geriatrics for 25 years, 20 of that as an L.P.N. I have been married 19 years, no children but have a 13 year old Siberian Husky and a 15 year old miniature Dauchsund. Seems I take care of elders all the way around! ) I'm a non-denominational Christian woman who loves the Lord and my church family; I like singing, cross stitching, music, movies, Curves exercise, road trips, quad riding, and absolutely adore my nieces, all three of them, and they love me right back. How's that for getting to know me? )
  2. I work as the Site Mgr. in a social model adult day care. I did the activity planning for a number of years before managing the facility, but we're going to be closing out the AD position and I will plan the activities in addition to managing. I've done quite a bit of on-line research for men's activities since I need to provide for the guys daily. I addition to what you folks have already listed, here are some that work for us: 1) Monthly visits from one or more of the military recruiters - they bring videos of their marching and promo videos, etc. 2) Fire Dept. visits complete with giant truck. 3) Kid's science experiments (so they're safe) that are fun for the guys to set up and watch the results. 4) I looked up on a site devoted to football and printed off bios of famous players from the past, coaches, teams, etc. - have props: football, decorations and a bloopers tape - also provide non-alcoholic beer, peanuts and pretzels. 5) Daily themes for discussions - whatever they retired from - slide shows of different jobs, etc. 6) Men's spa day - shoulder rubs, head massages, hot face towels, cologne, newspapers (like the barber shop, except no girly magazines!) 7) Tool boxes stuffed full - guys can identify the tools and what they're used for, sparking discussions 8) Once or twice a month short field trips in our county to light industrial factories. 9) Co-activities with the ladies, such as cutting things out (fabric strips for braided rugs), making something for their wives or kids 10) The usual bowling, fishing, golf (we have golf clubs and balls and duct tape plastic cups to the carpet for the "holes" 11) Anything with props or other stuff that is as much hands-on as possible 12) Exercise with Thera-band flex bars, tai chi, dance music, etc. 13) Balloon volleyball, kickball with beach ball, parachute with handles and a ball in the middle for flipping up and down and trying to roll it off onto the people across from you 14) Table games: Poker (no money involved), Loteria (Mexican Bingo-call it in Eng. and Sp.), Bango (everyone gets at least 4 cards face up use another deck to "call"-as people's cards are called they turn that card face down. The first one to have all their cards face down wins), etc. I hope this helps - it is a challenge to program for the men, but I'm finding after 11 years of this I'm finally learning to think of thing's from a guy's perspective in addition to using the men's backgrounds to inspire me! 7
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