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  1. Hi Kate, Yes, I do have a website. I thought my signature would have posted last night, but somehow it didn't. Here is the following information regarding our company. Thanks for your reply. Keith E. Smith RHK Entertainment Bookings in 24 hours 703-691-8318 http://www.rhkentertainment.com FREE newsletter at website, "Discover Entertainment"
  2. Hello all, My name is Keith Smith of RHK Entertainment. We work with activity directors across the country providing quality entertainment to meet your budget. We also can find anyone for whom you are searching. Good Luck to all. Keith
  3. Anna, Hope this helps your search: National Association Of Activity Professionals Ms. Catherine Selman Address: PO BOX 23909 , JACKSON, MS 39225-3909 Phone: 601-853-3722 Fax: 601-853-3536 Email: webmaster@thenaap.com Website: thenaap.com/
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