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  1. I agree that men are the most difficult to create programs for- couple of ideas fishing was a big seller mens breakfast(we invited men from another facility to join in as we are adjacent to them) woodworking and depending on their abilities we had the snap together bird houses, airplanes and cars which they were able to paint later bocce especially if the men challenge the women luncheon outings craps- rolling dice and using play money for betting horse races-used a roll of paper and drew 4 lanes(depends on width of paper),numbered the paper to 20, cut out horses and named them(used cardboard to reinforce them attached to a wooden block, picked up two soft dice from dollar store, residents roll dice and move their horses in the spaces, first person to reach the end wins hope some of these ideas help
  2. Hi I am an activity director for the last 6 months before then I was an activity assisstant for 10 years. I am excited but nervous about my new position. I am so glad that I found this site, there is a lot of interesting and useful information here. Glad to be part of the group.
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