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  1. Hi Alan, We have several ideas free for downloading at: Inventive Play Downloads can be found here www.inventiveplay.comActivity Professional Download Page Gary Gary Pratt Inventive Play - for caregivers and those they care for
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    Thanks, Gina! We're getting great feedback! BTW. I read your other post on you having to move your site. Have you tried saving the structure an content so you don't have to build it all from scratch? Under "file" in you menu, go to save. You should be able to rescue a lot of your articles and such. Gary
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    Just saying "hi". My name is Gary one of the owners of Inventive Play (http://www.inventiveplay.com). We're about helping caregivers and activity directors with ideas for the people they care for. Personally, my father has Alzheimer's and it has motivated me to want do something. I've put some free downloads of activity suggestions on our website if you're interested. We're currently working with the head of an Alzheimer's unit in KC and an OT specializing in brain injury. Nice to meet you. Gary
  4. Thank for the ideas (and compliments). Both of you. There seems to be so much pain out there. I'm using the company as a way to cope as well as help. It's difficult looking at my dad and remembering what a brainiac he once was. I read as much as I can on the subject, and we're working with some medical professionals, but dealing with AD is tough, there's not doubt about it. Your thoughts on repetition and simplicity are helpful, and I've found the words and song piece ring true. Something about the power of music. It really touches people's souls. Gary
  5. Hi, This is my first post, and this thread seemed the most appropriate place. My name is Gary Pratt and I'm especially interested in 1 on 1 activities that you can do with older individuals, especially those challenged by Alzheimer's. My father has it and continues to lose bits of himself each day. But it's interesting that things that he once would not have done he now is starting to like. Most notably dancing and listening to music. I'm interested in any thoughts anyone has on the matter. I've just launched a company that deals with this issue ( http://www.inventiveplay.com ) and will be providing downloads of activities that one can do with the person they look after. Each person varies so much on what they like and what they're capable of. What do you consider your biggest challenge is (as activity directors) and what have you found the most helpful? Thanks, Gary
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