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  1. Hi Tigger Thank you for your input and ideas. I have actually used our intercom at the job to annouce the activity and for all avaliable aids to please help. The times when i got to the intercom, i got little to no help. It was as they totally ignored it. I've gotten to the point where i as someone in the main off to announce the activity for me, cuz it seems when they ask they'll get a better response with help, NOT always but sometimes. The problem at my place, which i believe has to do with the office and the DON. The DON preaches alot about what she is gonna do, what she expects
  2. Thank you all so very much for your input and ideas. It's good to know im not the only one struggling with staff and the lack of teamwork. I know some areas are blessed with volunteers and helpful employees, i just wish we all were so lucky. I guess the only thing to do is keep on fighting the battle and try to get everyone to open their eyes. To answer your questions Stacie the social worker is not involved with the transportation..when needed the nurses try to line something up with families if at all possible, some families are willing to help with doctor appointments, others ref
  3. Hello all. I just need to vent and see if any other AD's out there have experienced the same things that I have. I work at an 80+ bed skilled nursing facility. One of our nurse aides drives the van when there are doctor appointments. The doctor appointments are out of control, even though administration has asked numerous times to try if at all possible to schedule them on certain dates. Course this leads to me, the AD, to take residents to their doctor appointments when the other van is gone or when our driver has to stay on the floor cuz they are "short". Which is often. I have asked s
  4. Hello Pennie I am very interested in more information about these meetings and of course the CEU's. I really appricate any information you can give me. Thank you so very much. Where are you located currently?
  5. Thank you Diana :-) Sealy texas. Small town close to katy/houston texas.
  6. Hello. Im a new member to this site, and i have to say, it is an awesome site, extremely helpful and very informative. Texan here, and i work at a LTC facility, 80 + residents, for about 3 years now and always looking for ways to bring a more fun and interesting program to my residents. I'm currently hunting for new fun & easy recipes. I'd love to hear any suggestions. thanks regina
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