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  1. Hi Brittany Were having a Christmas celebration for the residents and there family . Bell ringing as well for Christmas ..Well Brittany this is our last day I hope u did well on your test because I made 60 but I did extra credit and stay with an A the entire 16 week so hopeful that extra looks out for even thou a 60 is a D- is still passing lol so joy your new career hope to hear from u soom
  2. No I haven't maybe we I'm available tomorrow which is Sunday and Moday I have to have it done before Monday 11:55pm
  3. Hi , Adriannamerivera1 I'm a newbie on here and one of my assignments is to discuss a special events that are planning in the near future. So I have some I have some ideas to throw around so maybe we can set a time a date this week to chat on ADN CHATROOM if that ok.
  4. Hi , My name is Chiquita and join activity network about 15 weeks ago and I am almost done with my classes and I am so exited to be done I have one assignment that I must complete by the end of this week and I need help is there anyone out there that would like to chat and throw around some ideas in the ADN CHATROOM to discuss a special event that you are planning in the future 11/21/19 AT 8PM THURSDAY OR SATURDAY 11/23/20109 12NOON PLEASE GET BACK WITH ME ASAP THANKS.
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