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  1. Heather Morris I am a new Activities Director in Macedonia, OH. I accepted the position in January this year. Previously I was an activities assistant in a sister building in Aurora, OH. The reason I made the move up to director was more about the residents than anything. The building had gone through a high turn over of leaders and staff in a short time. AD was one of those departments affected. I helped cover a few shifts for activities in October and November of 2018. My heart felt for the residents and I was soon asked to be the director. The following months were a hot mess. I quickly learned how to be a full-time manager, a student(again), event coordinator and caregiver to the residents. Taking the Online courses from NCCAP has helped me in a lot of ways. I appreciate the positive community around the AD network as well. Many times when I thought I just couldn't hack it... the live chat students and instructor Kathy Hughes helped encourage me and bring fresh ideas. Now a days the residents I my building enjoy their days with laughter, bingo(they enjoy a whole host of bingo varieties), social parties, outings, events and more! I'm so glad to be apart of a team that empowers each other and the resident's quality of life. Now let me share a little about myself to top off this post. I am 28 years old, though everyone says I don't look it. haha Some have even asked me, "What grade are you in?"... nuff said. I have an amazing husband of 6 years this July. We met at college in Indiana around 10 years ago. I graduated with a Bachelors degree and hopes of starting a family. We love video games, cooking, church ministry, and our two fur babies.(Pug, Zelda and Calico Kitty, Belle). We have two babies in Heaven. Losing a pregnancy is so difficult that you can only understand if you've been there (God bless you reader.) I do not mention it for the sympathy, please understand. I want to share that this happened before I became the activities assistant. The most difficult event in my life, and let me tell you what got me through. 1. Much prayer. 2. Helping the residents in the nursing home. Love is a powerful thing, and I believe it is most powerful when given away. I shared, I loved, I listened, I healed. If you are reading this and more than likely going through something difficult in your life... know that you are not alone and you can find healing in helping. My goals now are to finish the MEPAP 1 course this week (yikes!) and to start the second in July. I hope to be a more organized and innovative Activities Director.
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