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  1. The activity dept used to run our resident councils but now the admissions person does; all that really means is that she types up the resident council agenda sheets that are passed out. I set up and gather residents. We actually have it in the dining room so the day before I put signs on all the dining tables reminding them. This made a huge difference. I work at an assisted living that is a pArt of a larger organization of multiple facilities across the continuum so this is who is there. Chaplain opens, gives chapel announcements and opens with prayer. Director of resident relations (admissions) announces admissions, discharges and census and encourages them to be nice to new residents. Then I go and give announcements for upcoming acitivities. This is great cause we have it on the 4th Wednesday so I announce next months highlights so they know what to look for on the upcoming calendar. Then our Directro goes and gives a variety of announcements; new staff, flu shots, building changes, etc. then dining goes ; we have a separate ‘dining discussion’ the week before so this is short ( I recommend doing this because we know what it is like with residents and the dining dept). Then our maintenance director speaks only if he has anything to share; repairs, remodels, reminders about sidewalks in winter, turning the heat on etc. ( he doesn’t always show up) lastly, sometimes, the COO shows up if he has any whole organization news like a new facility opening or news from the city that might affect residents.
  2. I have a resident in AL who has mild to moderate dementia. Recently we have noticed more decline. The thing is that he is obese and gets around by power chair. It has not gotten to the point where we need to take the power chair away but he is always up and down and it got me thinking; of all the dementia training I’ve had and all the discussion about wandering the subject of wanderers in powerchairs never came up. What do you all think; have you ever discussed this before? More and more residents are moving in with power chairs and I have residents who should have never passed the test we give. They go too fast and some run into things and now I have a wanderer whose apartment is right next to my activity room and when I mentioned it to the RNs at my work , they said they have never heard of what to do in that situation either so we are all researching it
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