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  1. I am also from Canada in Ontario where abouts are you from in Canada?
  2. :-D I came across this site and it is great. I am the Activity Director at a Independent Retirement Home in Ontario, Canada. It is a very rewarding job. I just wanted to say hi to everyone...
  3. I also love my job I've been working with Seniors for many many years and I wouldn't want to change it for anything. Like always there are other people in the workplace that try to make our lives miserable, but, I do have to say that when I wake up each morning I am excited about going to work. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I make my residents happy and smile, even the ones nobody thought was possible. My only downfall is having days off. I know I need them to get some rest but I would rather be with my residents. If I am off for more than 2 days they are sad and when I return they all say "Welcome Home". If that isn't rewarding enough I don't know what would be. It certainly isn't the money....
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