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  1. My facility is in Maine and our warm weather days quickly fly by, so once a week I schedule an Activity titled "Outdoor Games". We bring the residents under our front alcove (lather them with sunscreen) and play all sorts of interactive games and activities. There is nothing more fun than pitching a wiffle ball to a 100 year old gentleman! We play ring toss, Frisbee, blow bubbles, play pass and hopefully soon we will get a cornhole board. Those with all abilities can join and the nice weather raises everyone's mood. When it is really warm, we will end the activity with some sort of frozen trea
  2. I find it can be difficult to keep dementia residents in an activity room, but if it is only me in charge of the activity, I will let them come and go as they please. I find if I have music or can make the remaining residents laugh, then my wanderers are more likely to check out what is happening. I will also do some spontaneous activities in the hallway, balloon toss, delivering scented flowers or playing a card game like red or black will keep residents interested. Recently, we had a an activity called "Beauty Bar" where we had fifties music playing, we passed out punch and offered quick ma
  3. My name is Michele Lamare and I am nearing the end of the MEPAP1-Own Pace course. It has taken my quite awhile to get through this course. I believe I started in February, but between having to find a new practicum advisor, working over 40 hours/week and just plain life, I have finally made it to the end of my final Practicum Packet. I started as an Activity Director in November and I am enjoying my new career change. I am never bored, but I found that my biggest adjustment has been dealing with all the residents we have lost over the past several months. It is so easy to become attached and t
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