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  1. This is a fun craft to do around Halloween and Thanksgiving. Some of our participants take theirs home but others leave theirs at PACE for table decorations. Supplies: 12 Mason Jar Rings Orange pumpkin paint paint brush 7 Zip Ties Scissors 6'x 6' piece of burlap 2 cinnamon sticks Few small pieces of straw Hot Glue Paint the outside of the mason jar rings orange, connect with zip ties, cut off excess zip tie, separate them out into a circle shape, Hot glue the cinnamon sticks in the middle after you cut them down to preferred size, Cut two leaf shapes out of the burlap, Add a few drops of hot glue around the base of the cinnamon sticks and attach the straw and the burlap leaves. Then you have a super cute centerpiece for all the holiday festive!
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer I'm 35 years old and I live in Chickamauga,Ga. I work at Alexian Brothers PACE in Chattanooga TN. I have been employed at PACE in the activities department for the past nine years.I absolutely love my job and our participants here! We have a wonderful staff that is like family. My boss is close to retirement and I will be taking over her position next year. I'm currently taking MEPAP1 and will finish it at the end of May. I plan to start MEPAP2 the beginning of June. I'am married and have three children. Two girls the age of 15 and 12. One little boy who is 7. Life is super busy but I enjoy it!
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