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  1. No got the starter packs, the ones that you add water and they swell. Jessica you're doing your walk for memories downtown this year?? Sounds exciting!
  2. I started some plants today, so excited! Moslty herbs for now. Can't wait for summer activities and the outdoor events. Jessica your easter treats sound lovely.. should save me some
  3. it will be 1a.m. here, ill be in bed but go ahead and send something and Im sure you'll get a response in the morning.
  4. Are you guys doing the walk for memories?
  5. This is a great idea, I think the demand for this will grow in the years to come with seniors being more tech savvy. My company has developed an app that is quite similar, it is specific to our company and it has other features as well. The biggest obstacle you'd likely face are privacy related issues. You might run into the issue of residents not being able to give consent, or not remembering they had given consent to share photos. But I'm sure there are ways to secure this. Loved the video. Good luck with your project. Hope to see it sometime soon!
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